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US-5828587-A: Attachment apparatus for checkbook cover and method of use thereof patent, US-5932737-A: Peptide compounds for treatment of no-mediated diseases patent, US-5988353-A: Circuit-component transferring apparatus patent, US-6088714-A: Mechanism for calculating one-dimensional fast fourier transforms patent, US-6142284-A: Modular bill acceptor patent, US-6228027-B1: System for evaluating treatment of chest pain patients patent, US-6487692-B1: Reed-Solomon decoder patent, US-6595521-B2: Game machine with claws patent, US-3845292-A: Lamp vent structure patent, US-3923146-A: Cigarette transfer assembly for transferring cigarettes from a cigarette making machine to a cigarette packaging machine patent, US-3930845-A: Producing high purity gold powder patent, US-3979832-A: Sliding surface for a drafting board patent, US-4118031-A: Amusement toy or gyro disc patent, US-4158204-A: Time correction system for multi-nozzle ink jet printer patent, US-4175745-A: Racket patent, US-4235816-A: Integrated ammonia-urea process patent, US-4277005-A: Apparatus for folding garments such as shirts patent, US-4300411-A: Gear crank for a bicycle patent, US-4334503-A: Animal control device patent, US-4360193-A: Cover for stirrup of physician's examination table patent, US-4420194-A: Ball slideway patent, US-4462451-A: Method and apparatus for removing tires from rims patent, US-4476591-A: Lens implants for insertion in the human eye patent, US-4546867-A: Coin insert for vending machine patent, US-4602156-A: Gradation correcting method for light-sensitive material patent, US-4652113-A: Image forming apparatus patent, US-4723208-A: System and method for communication between nodes of a closed loop local communication path patent, US-4730501-A: Single tube parallel flow coriolis mass flow sensor patent, US-4764080-A: Coupling for drop box system patent, US-4852286-A: Detachable gun trigger safety device patent, US-4964177-A: Bustdart-free tailoring process for a fitted-waist dress to eliminate cutting of its backpiece patent, US-5004364-A: Device for advancing and retracting writing element in writing instrument patent, US-5164789-A: Method and apparatus for measuring minute displacement by subject light diffracted and reflected from a grating to heterodyne interference patent, US-5176709-A: Method for inserting an anchoring element within a bone patent, US-5234182-A: Kite patent, US-5297457-A: Multiple blade set strip apparatus for cable and wire patent, US-5322981-A: Velocity change sensor with a cylindrical magnet patent, US-5360918-A: Method for controlling insects patent, US-5371750-A: Error-correction encoding and decoding system patent, US-5464508-A: Preparation of 4-dialkoxymethylpyrazoles patent, US-5481935-A: Gearshifting arrangement for actuating motor vehicle multi-speed gearboxes patent, US-5483995-A: Device for coupling and uncoupling loom heald shafts patent, US-5812886-A: Motion compensation device which immediately resumes motion compensation after completion or interruption of a motion compensation process patent, US-5842173-A: Computer-based surgical services management system patent, US-5921254-A: Power flossing device patent, US-5941728-A: Cover member of press-connecting connector patent, US-5996242-A: Drying apparatus and method patent, US-6154290-A: Communication apparatus and facsimile apparatus patent, US-6464752-B1: Method for producing directly reduced, desulphurized iron patent, US-6504130-B1: Laser cutting method patent, US-6597147-B2: 1/8th and 1/16th micro-stepping motor drive software architecture patent, US-6715870-B2: Method and apparatus for printing onto cassettes or specimen slides for histological preparations patent, US-6722207-B1: Electro-magnetic flow transducer with insulating scroll patent, US-6767430-B1: Process for making paper patent, US-3899268-A: Wind-driven motive apparatus patent, US-3908242-A: Continuous filament slide fastener patent, US-4134752-A: Plant growth regulators patent, US-4175693-A: Method for enhancing the reliability of output data from a label reader patent, US-4280504-A: Device for treatment with interference currents patent, US-4335535-A: Rodent trap patent, US-4444414-A: Apparatus for facilitating an adjustment of front and/or rear jaws of ski bindings patent, US-4667523-A: Electrode friction chuck patent, US-4682641-A: System for manufacture of high-lug tires patent, US-4682855-A: Laser-light absorber and method for absorbing laser light patent, US-4754977-A: Golf club patent, US-4811606-A: Mass flowmeter patent, US-4879052-A: High temperature polyol ester/phosphate ester crankcase lubricant composition patent, US-4958785-A: Fishing reel drag mechanism patent, US-4961282-A: Trap for flying insects, especially moths that attack foodstuffs patent, US-5171288-A: Femoral stem prosthesis with preapplied cement mantle patent, US-5186436-A: Electric fence pole installation apparatus patent, US-5240792-A: Battery holder for electronic apparatus patent, US-5513256-A: Key telephone system patent, US-5775903-A: Endodontic instrument with a hugger handle patent, US-6183495-B1: Wire frame partial flow obstruction device for aneurysm treatment patent, US-6374961-B1: Tube-pressed brake patent, US-6405084-B2: Implantable atrial defibrillator apparatus patent, US-6631669-B2: Closing spring assembly for a handgun patent, US-3798742-A: Method for hot working patent, US-3896637-A: Sliver feeding means for high pile fabric circular knitting machines patent, US-3907518-A: Detergent motor fuel patent, US-3954952-A: Continuous chemical process for the manufacture of sodium and potassium peroxydisulfate patent, US-3973478-A: Air deflection for sliding roofs of motor vehicles patent, US-4173080-A: Radio navigation training device patent, US-4214748-A: Spring-biased exercise apparatus patent, US-4250653-A: Humane animal trap patent, US-4323193-A: Wick-type slow diffusion dispenser patent, US-4450884-A: Surface defining slats and articles utilizing same patent, US-4491284-A: Process and apparatus for winding an electrically conductive wire into an inductive coil patent, US-4574725-A: Collapsible boat patent, US-4584635-A: Flux centering and power control for high frequency switching power patent, US-4608076-A: Aminooxyacetic acid (AOA) as a plant growth inhibitor patent, US-5001406-A: Brushless DC motor speed control via power supply voltage level control patent, US-5379300-A: Test signal output circuit for LSI patent, US-5425537-A: Method for playing a dice game patent, US-5457772-A: Method to convert bitmaps to monochrome data patent, US-5706929-A: Conveyor with high speed case turner patent, US-5722827-A: Torqued titanium-based archwire patent, US-5830914-A: Apoptosis-controlling agent patent, US-6052758-A: Interface error detection and isolation in a direct access storage device DASD system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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