Q-스위칭을 이용한 펄스 레이저 생성 장치

Apparatus for producing pulse laser using q-swiching


PURPOSE: A pulse laser generator using Q-switching is provided to operate with less operation power compare to a previous technology as a pulse laser is generated through Q-switching using a variable optical attenuator. CONSTITUTION: A laser generator comprises a total reflection mirror (100), a laser medium part (200), a pump beam part (300) and a variable optical attenuator (400). The total reflection mirror reflects light inputted The laser medium part is equipped with a first terminal which reflects a part of light inputted and which outputs out remainder and laser oscillation is caused receiving pump beam. The variable optical attenuator is connected to the total reflection mirror and a second terminal and the laser oscillation is controlled absorbing light according to a control value. The pump beam part sends the pump beam to the laser medium part. [Reference numerals] (100) Total reflection mirror part; (200) Laser medium part; (320) Pump beam generation part; (400) Variable optical attenuator; (420) Controller; (AA) Pulse laser
본 발명은 Q-스위칭을 이용한 펄스 레이저 생성 장치에 관한 것이다. 본 발명에 따르면 가변 광 감쇄기를 이용한 Q-스위칭을 통하여 펄스 레이저를 생성하는 펄스 레이저 생성 장치를 제공할 수 있다.




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