Device and method for sterilizing and washing

살균 세척장치 및 방법


살균 및 세척 효율을 향상시킬 수 있는 살균 세척장치가 개시된다. 피처리물을 살균 및 세척하기 위한 살균 세척방법은, 세척조에 수용된 세척수에 피처리물을 침지시키는 단계, 세척수에 소독제를 공급하는 단계, 및 세척수에 초음파를 방사하는 단계를 포함하고, 소독제의 공급 및 초음파의 방사는 동시에 진행된다.
PURPOSE: A disinfection and washing apparatus is provided to improve the safety of food, and to minimize the quality or nutrition change of the food. CONSTITUTION: An object is dipped in washing water stored inside a washing tank (100). A disinfectant is supplied to the washing water. Ultrasound is radiated to the washing water. The supply of the disinfectant and the radiation of the ultrasound are conducted at the same time. A disinfectant supplying unit (400) supplies the disinfectant to the washing tank. An ultrasound generation unit includes plural vibrators (500). A shower water supplying unit (600) supplies shower water to the washing tank.




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