Water purifier using ultrasonic wave oscillator

초음파 발진자를 이용한 정수기


본 발명은 중국, 중동지역과 같이 석회질, 녹 등의 불순물이 다량 포함된 원수를 그대로 필터로 공급하지 않고 초음파 발진자의 발진에 의한 물의 증발로 원수에 포함된 이물질이 제거된 정수를 얻은 다음 이 정수를 정수필터로 공급하여 이물질을 완벽하게 제거함은 물론 용존산소량이 풍부한 정수를 제공할 수 있도록 한 초음파 발진자를 이용한 정수기에 관하여 개시한다.
PURPOSE: A water purifier is disclosed which can eliminate impurities in raw water containing calcareous compound, rust, etc. by oscillation of an ultrasonic wave generator and can supply the purified water to a purified water storage part through a purifying filter, so that the water purifier can be readily used in a region where raw water having impurities flows. CONSTITUTION: A water purifier has a sealed main body (10), a water reservoir (20), an ultrasonic wave generator, a purified water pipe line (40) and a constant purified water filter (50). A separator of a purified water tank comparts a purified water processing room (21) on the upper part and a purified water storage room (22) on the bottom part. Multiple outlets of ultrasound purified water (24) are disposed on the upper part of the purified water processing room. The ultrasonic wave generator is located on the separator to evaporate water on purified water processing room by oscillation process. The purified water pipe line transfers water in a water chamber (11) to the purified water processing room. A filter for purified water is disposed in one part of the purified water pipe line to filter the water in the water chamber again and supply the water to the purified storage room.




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