A method for manufacturing process of ferromolybdenum

페로몰리브덴 제조방법


본 발명에 따른 공정단수화에 의한 페로몰리브덴 제조방법은 몰리브데나이트(MoS 2 ), 철분말(Fe powder), 적철광(Fe 2 O 3 ), 환원제, 바인더, 필러를 혼합하여 펠렛으로 제조하는 펠렛제조단계; 상기 펠렛제조단계를 거쳐 제조된 상기 펠렛을 감압상태에서 열환원반응을 수행한는 제1차환원단계; 및 상기 펠렛에서 황(S)을 제거하기 위해 수소가스(H2)를 취입 및 배기시키는 제2차환원단계를 포함하는 것을 특징으로 한다.
PURPOSE: A manufacturing method of ferromolybdenum is provided to save manufacturing cost by using C instead of the Al and Si as a reducing agent and simplifying a manufacturing process of the Fe-Mo by directly reducing the Fe-Mo with mixing the moS2 which is a starting material and a ferric oxide. CONSTITUTION: A manufacturing method of ferromolybdenum comprises the following steps. (S100) Molybdenite (MoS2), Fe powder, a hematite (Fe2O3), a reducing agent, a binder and filler are mixed and a pellet is manufactured. (S200) A heat reduction reaction is performed in the decompressed state about the pellet. And (S300) hydrogen gas (H2) is blown in and exhausted and removes sulfur (S) from the pellet. The reducing agent is the carbon (C). The binder is more than one from gelatines, sugars, molarsses and Na2SiO3. The filler is more than one from wood flour, a fiber and particles. In the step (S200), the reducing reaction temperature is 1360-1400°C. In the step (S200), the decompression state is 10-1 torr. In the step (S300), the hydrogen gas (H2) is blown in and exhausted at 298-300°C for 3 hours. [Reference numerals] (AA) Vacuum (Normal pressure - 10×10^-3 torr),Temp.: 1400°C; (S100) Step of producing pellet; (S200) Step of first reduction; (S300) Step of second reduction




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