Method, electronic control unit, and steering apparatus for controlling clearance compensation

유격 보상을 제어하는 방법, 전자제어장치 및 조향 장치


PURPOSE: A method for controlling clearance compensation, an electronic control unit, and a steering device are provided to compensate the clearance between a worm wheel and a worm shaft without using a spring member. CONSTITUTION: A steering device (100) comprises a worm shaft (110), a housing (130), and an electronic control unit (140). The worm shaft is coupled to a permanent magnet (111). The housing receives the work shaft and a worm wheel (120) therein and comprises electromagnets (131, 132) separated from the permanent magnet. The electronic control unit applies clearance compensation currents to the electromagnets when the clearance between the worm shaft and the worm wheel is more than a reference clearance.
본 발명은 유격 보상 제어에 관한 것으로서, 더욱 상세하게는, 스프링 부재를 사용하지 않고도, 조향 장치에서의 윔휠과 윔축 간의 유격 보상을 가능하게 하는 유격 보상을 제어하는 방법, 전자제어장치 및 조향 장치에 관한 것이다.




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